Energy efficiency systems generate value for the planet and corporate business

Proteo Engineering, a leading business in the design of industrial electric systems and industrial automation, was one of the first Italian companies to align with 4.0 Industry models, later replaced with 5.0 Industry, the new innovative drive towards a new, sustainable, human-centered, resilient industry.

The experience gathered by Proteo Engineering in power, automation, and digitalization across the whole industrial landscape has accelerated its core green pathway, enhancing its offer with inside energy solutions, innovative Building Automation systems, renewable energy supply, and solar power systems.

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Some applications of Proteo Engineering Energy Green include…

Proteo invests in R&D and is constantly committed to the identification and implementation of systems that can integrate and use renewable energy sources.

  • Innovative hardware and software platforms for increasing energy and organizational efficiency and cutting manufacturing costs, while ensuring superior quality and efficiency standards;
  • Custom-made supervision and control solutions in facilities belonging to the same sector;
  • Highly qualified technologies and skills;
  • Turnkey solutions for shared, efficient management of energy transition;
  • Ongoing support and monitoring through KPI constant control solutions.
  • Supply of turnkey systems from point of connection to the solar power generator;
  • system customization: from feasibility study to final installation, working alongside clients with personalized service, including not only product verticalization and installation, but also implementation of customized changes for architectural integration of solar power technologies;
  • Technological know-how and highly qualified staff for any type of service, with special focus on customer satisfaction and productive efficiency;
  • A single point of reference for all technological plant engineering solutions, including distribution and transformation, through specialized staff covering the entire life cycle of the project;
  • Revamping and repowering actions to maximize power production over time, with analysis of profitability (supported by ongoing monitoring of incentive-based rates) to guarantee maximum plant performance;
  • Preventive and scheduled maintenance with EMS remote systems, to customize the type of service, intervene in a timely manner, and maximize system yield and productivity;
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, with a team of technicians and operators who can promptly check any faults, intervene and recover system operation.
  • Digital and smart automated systems for building management in Industry and Services;
  • Flexible and customizable systems for efficient productivity, environmental comfort, and energy upgrade: from a preliminary study to identify customer and building requirements, to development of environmental comfort, lighting, and security systems, including data collection systems and energetic and environmental analyses;
  • Supply of turnkey systems, from identification and analysis of functional requirements to hardware and software design, and system commissioning: customized configuration and multi-user platform management for diverse management needs of corporate services; customized automation solutions that satisfy every industrial requirement;
  • Use of advanced technologies as well as consolidated traditional technologies;
  • Highly qualified technological and professional know-how for all type of service.

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    All Proteo Engineering Services

    Proteo Engineering provides a comprehensive selection of industrial automation and systems engineering services:

    Our Power System

    Our Power Division design and manufacture MV/LV transformation and distribution networks for end-users, electric panels and power centers, integrated smart systems for building management.

    It operates in the renewable energy sector, with special focus on solar power, and integrated smart systems for building management: smart lighting, security systems, systems for management and regulation of environmental comfort.

    Aligned with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Proteo is committed to offering the latest generation technological solutions for LV/MV transformer cabins and LV electric systems ensuring enhanced safety, resilience, and sustainability.

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    Projects realized:845
    Ongoing projects:102
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