What is PROFIT?

PROFIT is a hardware and software platform committed to coordinating supervision and management of a group of logistics processes and building automation. The subsystems are integrated into one platform, which implements and governs the required inter-connections. The PROFIT advanced and integrated technologies provide supervision and control functionalities for the facility and its sectors, measuring and analyzing input and output flows, security levels (intrusion, fire, lighting, device status) in real time, maintaining past reports on file.

What does Profit do?

Thanks to distributed technologies and IoT, PROFIT manages Building Automation across the facility, signalling active alarms, displaying the status of connected devices and commanding on-field actuators.

PROFIT guarantees a safe and controlled environment, helps cost savings across the various production stages and maintenance, ensuring high quality and efficiency standards to meet ever more demanding requirements.

PROFIT applications include…

Through badges, bar codes, or RFID, the PROFIT platform supervises and controls access and exit to and from the building or its areas, across pedestrian and automobile areas; it provides a list of presences in real time, including a recording of each transit.

The PROFIT platform supervises and controls incoming and outgoing road vehicles to and from the facility. It signals differences in foreseen and actual net weights of loads, including a recording of each transit. The system provides a list of vehicles present in the facility in real time and historical reports for transport vehicles.

The PROFIT platform provides video surveillance across the facility, monitoring boundaries through access control systems and anti-intrusion systems, as well as the production area.

Building automation supervision and control.

The PROFIT platform signals active alarms, displays status of connected devices, and sends commands to on-field actuators. The entire system is based on distributed IoT technologies.

The PROFIT platform supervises and controls the anti-intrusion system: signals active alarms, triggers the video surveillance system, supervises the status of devices and commands inclusion or exclusion of alarm sensors.

The PROFIT platform supervises and controls the fire detection system signalling active alarms and supervising device status.

The PROFIT platform supervises and controls the emergency lighting system, monitoring device status.

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    The PROFIT Platform

    The Profit Platform is an integrated platform for supervision and management of logistics and Building Automation processes.

    Its advanced integrated technologies provide a safe and controlled working environment, ensuring high quality standards and efficiency and contributing to significant cost reduction in manufacturing, logistics, and space management.

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